“Another dynamic performer is Joseph DePietro as Edward Rutledge. He stops the show with his impassioned solo number, "Molasses to Rum" with his phenomenal tenor voice ... Joseph is splendid as this strong willed character.” –Tony Annicone, The Theatre Mirror

“Played by Joe Depietro, he delivers a deliciously chilling “Molasses To Rum” pointing out the north’s hypocritical views on slavery. Depietro shines in several pivotal scenes that help pave the way for the Declaration’s signing.” -Mark Morin, Motif Magazine

“…the representative from South Carolina, Edward Rutledge, (performed with wonderful malice by Joe Depietro)… [is one of the] stand out performances.” –Richard Austin, The Warwick Post

“There are some other standouts among the rest of the ensemble. Who knows if the delegate from South Carolina was really smarmy and creepy, but Joe Depietro certainly has fun playing him that way. He's practically twirling his moustache in moments, and I mean that in a good way, and Depietro also has a great voice which is displayed during a lengthy solo number.” –Robert Barossi, BroadwayWorld